Building Excellence

Building Excellence

For Successful Business & Ministries

For Successful Business & Ministries










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Create Your Vision

IBCFL is dedicated to clear communication within each case managed by our program.

IBCFL Innovative Business Center will create and customize your vision and bring it to life right before your eyes.


Our superior development team will establish your business with true professionalism. We have a reputation of excellence in all developmental services.

We gaurantee the best in resources that will help expand and advance your ministry or business.

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What Makes Us Different?


We are not your typical service industry business. We are an organization that takes pride in making your business what you need it to be. We are an extension of your Vision. We are a part of your team. Small Business Development Program Inc. provides new innovative ideas and we magnify solutions to make running your business a breeze. We hold a team of Professionals, Attorney's CPA's and Retired Fortune 500 Business Executives that bring an expertise of doing business right to your door. Our organization specializes in the execution of business strategy and the transfer of success.


What Can We Offer Your Business?

Full Service Directory....


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Real Experience and Proven Results.....

Funding Resources for Profit Improvements

Funding Resources for Non Profit Enhancment

  • Funding Resources

  • Funding Research & Development

  • Non Profit Set Up

  • (State Office, Federal Office) Development

  • Community Planning & Development

  • Connection to City/Local Officials

  • Documentation Preparation


Non Profit Organization Assistance

Administrative Assistance

Profit Organization Assistance

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  • Business Planning & Development

  • Staff Development & Training

  • Proposal Planning & Development


  • Professional Organization Website Development

  • Technical Development including Desktop

  • Laptop and complete system analysis


  • Profit Corporation Set-Up

  • (LLC, S-Corporation, Incorporation)

  • Documentation Preparation

  • Proposal Planning & Development

  • Alternative Legal Services

  • Extensive Corporation Audits

  • Credit Restoration (Business/Personal)


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